Who is Inner-Coastal?

Michael Ulrich, proprietor of Inner-coastal Ecological Services (ICES), began his training in Restoration Ecology in 1985 with an internship at the International Crane Foundation after completing his Bachelor of Science degree from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.  He then completed three years of graduate level course work at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  That course work and his position as a Research Assistant within the UW-Madison, Department of Landscape Architecture led to his first contract with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  Under this contract he assisted in the development of botanical and natural features inventory and mapping protocol, ultimately resulting in approximately 10,000 hours of contractual work for the department.  Most recently he consulted with a local non-profit, the Blue Mounds Area Project, standardizing procedures, compiling existing data, and serving as an Outreach Ecologist; meeting with landowners and offering management advice. ICES works with a large number of allied professionals that are brought into projects in an on-demand basis.